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we used to think that Social Media Marketing was a waste of time and you would be right to think the same about most Social Media efforts but did you know that has hit a new high in importance for getting search related inbound traffic.


You might be surprised to know that Link building is now on the wane so natural word of mouth interest and old fashioned networking are again on the rise but not as we know/knew it. Instead Social Media Marketing is the new way to create a Buzz about a new Blog, Website or product.


Our Social Media Marketing Course is updated regularly and when you join our course we provide you with essential techniques to add your skills takes all that is new and combines it with tried and tested rules of old school techniques to create unique brand orientated Social Media Marketing campaigns that really deliver what all internet entrepreneurs are looking for for. Loyal followers who have bought into the campaign message and are happy to share with their peers for the benefit of all.


With our Social Media Marketing Course dominating your niche is simple pleasurable and rewarding for both yourself and your customers!



You will be surprised about how powerfull Social Media Marketing can be with just changing your approach about sending a few tweets and regluarly updating a blog . To really feel the full potential of the benefits of social media you need to take a consistent and professional approach so imagine how much extra traffic /sales you can achieve with this knowledge


This is where most people fail in their Social Media Marketing its just that they have no realistic idea of the work involved, the time consuming man hours needed to really reap the benefits of social media traffic that comes when prospective and existing customers actually build your reputation for you on the back of your direct communication with them



On this essentail Social Media Marketing Course you will Discover How You Can Increase Your Expert Status So That You Have customers and business banging on your door for your products or services. and in  doing so Helping your online reputation to soar! You will Reach Professionals, Expand Your Brand, Build Strong Business Relationships, and Generate More Kick-Butt Leads For Your Business, Just By Using These Simple, Yet Easy Strategies Within various Social Media Platforms...Starting Today!"


It’s easy to jump on the Social Media bandwagon and use it the wrong way, and by doing so, lose out on high converting relationships for your business...or even get kicked out.  In this course , you will learn how to use it the right way by providing value, and be seen as a true expert in your field...


Social Networking Supercharged Facebook Marketing, How To Get Noticed On Facebook For Maximum Exposure  we go beyond traditional advertising and go into other ways to maximize your Facebbok exposure, personal and business branding, fan pages, like buttons and joining relevant and targeted groups in your niche and finding partners. These techniques will kick your facebook profits into high gear.


How To Increase Your Youtube Views


Shockingly, most people dont even know how easy and profitable it is to start making money from Twitter today. If You Follow These Simple Steps and Start Experimenting with Twitter, you will see your profits explode, as you gain a true asset to your business.

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about setting up and using Twitter so you can start harnessing its power today. Its really that simple.


If youre just looking to gain more followers on Twitter, youll get that here, but you wont be pleased with the results. Ill wager youll do a LOT better with the targeted traffic and SALES that these followers will bring you. But you need to know how to get the right people to follow you.

And thats just part of the Social Media Marketing Course we have created for you!

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We teach you the technique of Smashing Strategy to Start Conversations


Communicating with people you don’t know is what this is all about.  Starting a conversation that starts on the “right foot” can often be a roadblock if you don’t know where to start.  In this video, you will learn a cool strategy you can start using right away to start conversations on the right foot so that people see you as an expert in your field, right from the start.




Smashing Strategy to Gain Trust and Likes Fast

Once you have started a conversation, you will need to end it with people liking you, and you gaining their trust.  But how do you go about doing that?  How do you gain trust?  How do you go one step further to get people to be further interested in what you have to offer?  In this specific video you will learn how to do just that, with easy to implement strategies that you can start doing today.  




Proven Strategies to Build Strong Relationships


Alright, so you’ve gotten to a point where you can create conversations with people you don’t know, gain their trust, and be seen as an expert.  Now you need to keep those relationships and grow them further into business relationships.  In this specific video, you will learn an easy but cool strategy to growing those relationships to a more personal level, which can have a huge impact on not only your business but much more.



                             Following this training course, you will be able to:


                           Review your social media presence and define a roadmap


                              Develop a meaningful and measurable social media strategy


                                Define and measure social media objectives and success


                                     Understand the challenges of  social media marketing


                   Implement successful tactics to listen and engage with your key audiences


                         Get internal buy-in and deploy an internal engagement programme


              Implement an organisation-wide social media policy and best practice guidelines

Social-Media-Marketing social-media-marketing-diploma-course-p73-202_image

                       Benchmarking Social Media Success

        Reviewing social media activity for your organisation

       Assessing people skills and identifying internal champions

    Learning from others - case studies of successful NFP campaigns

            Reviewing your social media policy and guidelines


                            Defining Objectives & KPIs

                  How to prioritise social media channels

              Numbers versus conversions: choosing KPIs

     Challenges and issues around social media fundraising

                   How to truly measure campaign success


                            Implementation Roadmap

Managing and delegating social media activity across your team

              Crisis management: tips and techniques

                      Planning integrated campaigns

              When to choose social media advertising


                                  On-going Engagement

                                 Engaging your followers

             Converting supporters into social media champions

                  Using social media to deliver services

                  Corporate fundraising and social media

                            Sustaining your presence

              Using social media for internal engagement

      Benchmarking the success of on-going engagement activity





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Social media consultants charge anywhere from $15-$250+ an hour, If you're new to the working world, you might want to stick with $15-$40/hour. If you have five years of professional experience under your belt, transition into the $45-$75 range, and if you have more than five years experience, you can usually get away with charging $80-$100 or more.


As with all consulting work, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the per-hour question, partly because it also depends on the type of client, the type of work and the project scope. But if you stay within these guidelines, you'll likely be considered fair.

when you become a Social Media Marketing Expert Remember: You’re worth what you say you’re worth


This might sound simple, but it's the best piece of consulting advice out there. Especially in a crowded field like social media, where rates fall across the board, you could choose a whole spectrum of rates and still be considered reasonable.


No matter how much you decide to charge, some people will think you're charging too much and others will think you're charging too little. The challenge, then, is figuring out how much you need to earn to make it worth your while, and finding clients who will pay what you decide you're worth.


So pick a price, and own it. Be confident about how much you're worth, do an amazing job, and you might be surprised by how much clients are willing to pay for your abilities.